the SUBURBAN PIANO QUARTET is a chicago based performance ensemble.
we make multimedia performance situations.
we are trained as: composers, instrumentalists, anthropologists, performance artists, artisan jewelers, teachers.
we are not trained as, but continue to be: movers, writers, improvisors, architects, installation artists, farmers, piano players.

our names: nadine dyskant-miller, clay gonzalez, perry maddox, corey smith

here are our works:

Requiem in Water (75’)
Structures EP (29')
drone music (73’)
what’s gone to sky (45’)
Plail (30’) [in collaboration with Betsy Soukup]
There is No Jazz in Idaho (30’) [in collaboration with Kirsten Carey]
some people fly by in a helicopter (45’)
nineteen days the sun (90’) [in collaboration with Jasper Sussman]
the space between things (45’)